Lola Soap Recovery Collection


Recovery Mask – 1.69oz

The deeply hydrating collagen care mask purifies the skin infusing collagen and elastin inside to reduce fine lines and dry skin.

It is enhanced by Lola Soap’s advanced collagen treatment which stimulates collagen production in the deeper layer of the skin. Recovery Mask strengthens and conditions your skin to restore its moisture and elasticity.

Direction of use: Apply the mask to cleansed face and neck. Leave on for about 10 – 15 minutes. Then gently rub off with a damp towel. For best results, follow with Lola Soap’s Recovery Serum and Recovery Cream.

Recovery Cream – 1.01oz

Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles with our Recovery Cream. Formulated with Vitamins A, E & C, the collagen cream will stimulate the damaged hypodermis cells and rebuild the structure beneath the skin, resulting in a firmer appearance.

Direction of use: Apply in the morning and evening, after cleansing, to the face and neck, massage gently to the skin.

Recovery Serum – 1.01oz

Our Recovery Serum reduces the appearance of your skin by rejuvenating damaged cells and improving elasticity.

The combination of aloe vera, cucumber, and other natural ingredients will leave your skin smooth, plump, and wrinkle-free.

Direction of use: Apply onto cleansed skin in a soft circular motion.