What To Consider When Buying Soap

What To Consider When Buying Soap

There are thousands of soaps that are on the market, but how do you find the one that’s best for you? Well, that answer isn’t as easy as it seems. With thousands of options, it’s tough to take that first step. However, never fear as we’ll be breaking down what to consider when buying soap.

What Soap Best Fits You

The first thing to keep in mind when buying soap is to ask yourself what are your core values? Although this seems odd it’s a very important step in the process. What are your favorite scents? Is it fruity, spicy or sour? Also, are you against harmful chemicals that hurt your skin, animals and the environment? All of these questions play a huge roll in the buying process. Here’s what to look for when choosing soap.

Soaps For Sensitive Skin

If your skin is sensitive to certain chemicals then be sure to read the ingredients. Some additives can dry your skin and cause allergic reactions. Be on the lookout for any sort of aluminum or parabens on the label. The FDA allows such harsh chemicals to be used in soaps. Prolonged exposure to parabens has been linked to breast cancer and reproductive toxicity. Also, be on the lookout for sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). This irritating chemical causes dry skin for the user. SLS is the prime component that makes soap bubbly when reacting to water and removes any oil or grease. For your skin this means that it will remove any natural grease and oil. This is why when considering what soap to buy then keep your skin in mind as well. Find the right soap that works best if you have sensitive skin.

Finding The Perfect Scent

The next soap tip to keep in mind is your body’s natural scent. Do you like sour, spicy or fruity scents? All of these scents will eventually attach to your body. So, why not smell your best every day? The Calming Lavender Shea Soap is the perfect combo of sweet and delightful scents in one soap bar. Each use will leave your skin soft and smooth than the previous use. One of the best compliments you can get is when someone tells you that you smell great!

Soaps That Harm The Environment

One of the biggest changes to happen in the world is the decision to create environmentally friendly products. However, some soaps are still practicing old uses of production that harm the environment. These toxic chemicals drain from our sinks into the water system which can eventually make their way to lakes, oceans and rivers. All of these chemicals can also damage marine life. Lola soap only uses natural ingredients like shea butter, extract oils and other essential oils.

Soaps That Get Tested On Animals

When creating new products for any business it’s important to test them out before selling them on the market. Unfortunately, some companies test their products on animals to see their results on the skin. Lola Soap doesn’t support this decision and does not test its products on animals. Be sure to do some research and see if the company tests its soap products on animals.

Overall, think about these options when telling yourself what to consider when buying soap.

Consider Handmade Soaps By Lola Soap

Some of the best and safe soaps are created by hand at Lola Soap. Every product is created meticulously and beautifully so that it’s ready for that first body or hand wash. Inspired by delicious desserts it’s no wonder why these soaps are a hit!

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