5 Lola Soap Handmade Soaps You’ll Love

5 Lola Soap Handmade Soaps You’ll Love

Have you been looking for the best smelling handmade soaps in Las Vegas? We’ve spent a long time perfecting the art of making handmade soaps, handmade bath bombs, and even the sweetest smelling sugar body scrubs you’ve ever had! With so many deliciously looking bath products, how can you choose which ones to try? It’s easy. We’ve handpicked 5 of our favorite handmade soaps you’ll love from Lola Soaps!

1. Green Birthday Donut Soap

If you love handmade soaps that look like your favorite bakery treats, then you don’t want to sleep on the Green Birthday Donut Soap from our line of bakery-inspired handmade soaps! Visually, this donut is undeniably one of the coolest handmade soaps you’ve ever seen. It is sea-foam green and topped with little sprinkles that make exfoliating easy! Just be sure not to take a bite right out of it!

2. Mermaid Pie Soap

Any time you have handmade soap, you want to be sure that it is made with the best ingredients around! Made with shea butter and coconut oils, this tasty little soap was made to look just like a delicious slice of pink pie! Topped with a couple of mermaid-inspired decorations like a sea star and a blue mermaid, this handmade soap from Lola Soap is sure to be a fan favorite as it will make bath time feel like fun!

3. Blue Loofah Soap Bar

Sweet-smelling soap is great and all, but how about we introduce you to a lather-and-exfoliate combo that is unlike any other handmade soap you have ever used! The Blue Loofah Soap Bar is a sweet blue cupcake-inspired soap topped with a very useful loofah! Now you can lather your skin with some of the sweetest scents around while you exfoliate. A real 1-2 punch!

4. Blue Heaven Bubble Scoop Soap

Ice cream, anyone? The Blue Heaven Bubble Scoop Soap is one of the best handmade soaps that we know you’ll love. Made to look just like a tasty and creamy scoop of cotton candy ice cream, the Blue Heaven Bubble Scoop Soap smells as good as it looks. To use the bubble scoop, break off a piece and run it under the warm bathwater. Then watch as sweetly scented bubbles rise to the surface! It’s truly an incredible bath product that should be in everyone’s bathroom drawer.

5. Baby Blue Macaroon Soap Bar

Who doesn’t love a delicious French Macaroon? We sure do. That’s why we created the delectable Baby Blue Macaroon Soap Bar. Formulated with all-natural ingredients meant to nourish the skin while still providing gentle exfoliation, this soap is perfect for anyone who wants to have clean and soft skin!