Fun Summer Party Favors From Lola Soap

Fun Summer Party Favors from Lola Soap

With summer just around the corner I can’t tell you how many people complain about their skin drying out under this crazy desert heat! Combine this with how much hand sanitizer we’ve all probably been using I’m pretty sure that your skin is as dry as you can imagine. So let’s try to think outside the box on this and determine what we can do to stop this dry skin in its tracks. Fortunately, Lola Soap is here to help with some of the best handmade soaps as party favors that you can find! So what can Lola Soap do for you this summer? Well here’s just a few recommendations on how to make your summer pop just a little more!

Body Scrubs

Using a quality sugar scrub to work as your exfoliant is a key way to fight off some of the sting of summer heat! With a variety of handmade exfoliants at your fingertips you can start seeing better skin in just a few weeks! Exfoliating is vital to having healthy skin so investing in a quality exfoliant should be high on your list of priorities. Lola Soap provides so many options for you to find the right exfoliant for you.


Making sure your skin is healthy and hydrated is another key step to fight off dry skin this summer. We’ve been making some perfect moisturizing options here at Lola Soap that are sure to impress. Try the morning glow moisturizer which lets you put on before you go to sleep letting you wake up feeling refreshed with beautiful clear, hydrated skin! And with only the best ingredients involved in the making of any product from Lola Soap you can rest easy knowing that the moisturizer you’re using is of the highest quality!

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs make incredible summer party favors because they are small enough to fit in little goodie bags while making a big impact on bath time. People love to use bath bombs and including them as a gift is a great way to guarantee that your guests love their take home treats! You can find a great selection of bath bombs at Lola Soap that are sure to leave your guests as excited as ever.

Lola Soap Handmade Soap, Bath Bombs, and Sugar Scrubs

So we’ve talked about a few of the products that are going to be available to you this summer, now the only choice you need to make is which product you like the most! Lola Soap has such a great variety of moisturizers, soaps, body scrubs and more for you to pick from you can find the exact right product for you. So this summer when the heat gets up and your skin is crying out for some self care you can head over to Lola Soap and find the perfect product for you!