Inside the Bath Lab: The Best Morning Glow Moisturizer

Inside the Bath Lab- The Best Morning Glow Moisturizer

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside Lola Soap’s Bath Lab? Well, we’re here to show you by highlighting some of our favorite formulated lotions, creams, and concoctions that are sure to leave your skin feeling tight, beautiful, and most importantly healthy! Today we’re taking a closer look at the best morning glow moisturizer from Lola Soap! This wonderful cream is a fan favorite and we love it just as much too! You can shop this moisturizer along with many more of our specialty skin creams and handmade bath products!

What Is Morning Glow Moisturizer?

Lola Soap’s Morning Glow Moisturizer is a wonderful cream that makes your skin tight and beautiful when applied the night before. You will wake up every morning with nourished, fresh, and radiant skin. This formula penetrates deep into the skin to hydrate and moisturize the skin enough to stand up to the daily damages that dry and crack your skin.

Packed With Incredible Ingredients for Flawless Skin

If you’re looking for an incredible moisturizer with awesome natural ingredients, then this is the skincare product for you. Lola Soap Morning Glow Moisturizer uses some of the best ingredients around such as Prunus Armeniaca (apricot) kernel oil, Helianthus Annuus (sunflower) seed oil, vitamin E, green tea, seed extract, grape seed extract, and so much more. It truly is a formula that will nourish and moisturize your skin.

How to Use Lola Soap Morning Glow Moisturizer

Want to know how to get the most out of the Lola Soap Morning Glow Moisturizer? It’s this easy!

  • Clean your face and neck with the cleanser of your choice. You want to start on a clean and exfoliated surface to ensure that the lotion can fully absorb into your skin.
  • Take your Lola Soap Morning Glow Moisturizer and place a small amount on your hands.
  • Apply a thin layer of lotion to your face and neck with small circular motions to ensure that you rub the lotion on evenly.
  • Let the lotion dry for the next few minutes without touching your skin with your hands or with a towel.

Soon enough you’ll have nourished, glowing morning skin!

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