Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Mom Will Love

Mothers Day Gift Ideas Mom Will Love

Are you searching for brilliant Mother’s Day gifts for mom? Why not shower her in gifts that she will love and that will have her looking and smelling incredible! We’re talking about giving mom her favorite Lola Soap products like handmade soaps, bath bombs, sugar body scrubs, and products from our unique bath lab! Not sure how to choose the right gift for mom? We have you covered. Here are our top picks for Mother’s Day gift ideas mom will love with May.

Calming Lavender Shea Bar

The calming lavender shea butter bar is a sweet smelling bar that will moisturize and soothe mom’s skin. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas for mom for when she wants to enjoy the soft and relaxing scent of lavender fields. The Lavender Shea butter bar is a Lola Soap favorite and it can help moisturize skin, treat blemishes, and even promote tighter skin with fewer visible signs of aging like wrinkles and stretch marks. This calming lavender shea butter bar is made with camomile and warm honey that will lull your senses into deep and pleasant relaxation.

An All Natural Sugar Body Scrub

Looking for a fun and all natural exfoliator? Try the all natural sugar body scrubs! These sweet smelling body scrubs are made with the best ingredients to nourish and hydrate skin while removing all of the dead skin and dirt that built up over the day. Sugar body scrubs are affordable and thoughtful and they will make for great Mother’s Day gifts!

Creamy Shea Butter

If you’re looking for more of a shea butter cream than a shea butter bar, then the Creamy Shea Butter is the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea. Our Creamy Shea Butter is a hydrating topical that will nourish your shin unlike any other cream out there. Lola Soap Creamy Shea Butter is rich with anti-aging ingredients and natural moisturizers. It’s a fan favorite and we’re certain that mom will love this Mother’s Day gift so much that you should pick up two just in case!

Lola Soap – Handmade Soaps, Bath Bombs, and Body Scrubs

Lola Soap is leading the way in the world of handmade soaps, bath bombs, and sugar body scrubs. We create wonderful bakery-inspired handmade soaps in our wondrous bath lab! Here you can find wonderful bath and skincare products that make for incredible bathroom staples. Our handmade soaps and bath products also make incredible gifts! Shop our entire catalog of products today and find mom the perfect Mother’s Day gift.