Spring Skincare Tips for Gorgeous Skin

Spring Skincare Tips for Gorgeous Skin

Are you looking for the best spring skincare tips for having gorgeous and flawless skin? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Lola Soap, we focus on creating wonderful soaps and bath products that are made with only the best ingredients so that you can show your skin some serious love! As we move into the spring season, you should expect to make changes to your skincare routine in preparation for spending more time in the sun than you have all winter! You can take these spring skincare tips and work them into your daily routine! Here’s how to start!

Exfoliate to Remove Dead Skin and Dirt

By the time spring rolls around, you’ve probably spent months in the cold letting your skin dry out and crack. That’s pretty common, but as spring comes in you will want to exfoliate and bring new life into your skin! There are a bunch of ways that you can exfoliate – usually with a towel or mitt – but we really love exfoliating with sugar body scrubs! Sugar body scrubs are made with all-natural ingredients like sugar that naturally exfoliate the skin and remove all of the dead skin cells and dirt that builds up.

Use Sunscreen and Products With SPF

It’s safe to say that as the weather warms up this spring, you will likely be spending more time in the sun soaking your skin in all that wonderful vitamin D! It’s important to remember that you still need to protect your skin from harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer and accelerate the visible signs of aging – like sunspots! You will want to use sunscreen any time you are outside and you can even find a wide variety of skincare products that are formulated with SPF.

Drink Plenty of Water Daily

Want to know the super-secret way to make sure that your skin is always gorgeous? Drink plenty of water! That’s it. That’s the #1 way that you can help make sure that your body looks and feels healthy. This isn’t just another spring skin care tip, this is something you should follow all year long. Most people don’t drink nearly as much water as they need to be on a daily basis and their skin suffers as a result because it lacks the hydration that it needs in order to look great. Dehydrated skin can look puffy and oily which leads to blemishes.

Use Soaps and Bath Products With Nourishing Ingredients on Your Skin

The days of grabbing any old bar of soap off of the shelf and using it on your skin are long gone. If you truly want gorgeous skin this spring, you need to focus on using soaps and bath products with only the best ingredients in them like sweet almond oils or avocado oil that help nourish the skin as you cleanse it. We offer a wide selection of all-natural soaps and bath products that are made with only the best ingredients! And what’s even better? They’re all super cute and inspired by our favorite bakery treats like sweet donuts and cupcakes.